Leadership Team


Independent Chair

Great Barrier Reef Foundation

The University of Queensland

James Cook University

Southern Cross University

Australian Institute of Marine Science

Steering Committee

Executive Director, Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program - Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Executive Director of Strategy and Development - AIMS

Independent - Traditional Owner

Independent - Traditional Owner

Dean - Southern Cross University

Professor - QUT

Professor – University of Queensland

Director of Projects - Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Associate Professor - JCU

Research Director - CSIRO

Management Team

Executive Director and Chair

Program Director

Deputy Program Director

Risk Coordinator

Risk Review Project Manager

Project and Contract Administrator

Project Coordinator

Indigenous Partnerships Team Leader

Indigenous Partnerships Coordinator

Deputy General Counsel

Amie Benham

Financial Accountant

Science Communicator

Systems Engineer

Priscilla Peto

Executive Assistant

Subprogram Leaders

Coral, Aquaculture and Deployment co-lead, Enhanced Corals and Treatments co-lead

Engagement co-lead

Moving Corals co-lead, EcoRRAP co-lead

EcoRRAP co-lead

Cooling and shading leader

Modelling and Decision Support Lead

Cryopreservation leader

Engagement co-lead

EcoRRAP co-lead

Coral Aquaculture and Deployment co-lead, Enhanced corals and treatments co-lead

Translation to Deployment Lead

Subprogram Manager
Modelling and Decision Support

Regulatory co-lead

Moving Corals co-lead

Regulatory Co-Lead

Rubble Stabilisation co-lead

Rubble Stabilisation co-lead

Engagement co-lead

Rubble Stabilisation co-lead