Leadership Team

Andrew Krockenberger

Professor Krockenberger has 30+ years experience of research into the ecology and physiology of vertebrates in the lab and field, specialising in the physiology and ecology of marsupials, physiological mechanisms of impacts of changing climates on endemic vertebrates of Australia’s wet tropics, including rainforest ringtail possums and microhylid frogs, as well as the conservation of New Guinea’s tree kangaroos.

Professor Krockenberger has been with JCU since 1997 and previously worked at the University of Washington, Seattle and UNSW, Sydney.  As Dean, Research from 2013-2022 he had particular responsibility for strategic direction and operational performance of core research infrastructure.  He is currently Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research at James Cook University, with responsibilities for JCU’s research environment, excellence and relevance.  Professor Krockenberger is a Director of the Queensland Cyber-Infrastructure Foundation, a trustee of the UK-based South-East Asian Rainforest Research Program and serves on the Advisory Board for the NCRIS Terrestrial Environmental Research Network.