Our Research

The RRAP R&D Program

Our integrated, properly governed and executed R&D Program provides a level of health insurance for the Reef by developing safe and effective solutions before they become critically needed.

We’re focused on reducing critical uncertainty and providing advice to reef managers as to the most beneficial solutions.

The R&D Program is designed to be applied at unprecedented scales, across thousands of square kilometres. Thus, our research is focused on breaking through the scientific and engineering bottlenecks and knowledge gaps that currently limit the size and scale of meaningful reef restoration efforts.

Our recent advances give us renewed hope that we will achieve our mission.

Research structure

A series of complementary subprograms deliver the R&D program outcomes: cross-cutting and engineering subprograms support a suite of intervention-focused R&D teams.

RRAP R&D Program structure. The intervention-focused subprograms will be supported by cross-cutting science and engineering subprograms.