Leadership Team

Dr Ian McLeod

Program Director

Ian is the Program Director of the Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program, leading the Managing Entity to coordinate and manage the delivery of the Program. Prior to his current role, Ian was a Principal Research Scientist at James Cook University and Assistant Director of the TropWATER Research Centre. In these roles he led projects focused on marine and coastal habitat conservation and restoration, coral reef ecology and land-based effects on coastal waters. Previously Ian’s professional roles and research have focused on climate change impacts on the marine environment, ecotourism, and environmental management. Ian is Co-Chair of the International Coral Reef Initiative Ad Hoc Reef Restoration Committee, is a member of the Executive Team for the Coral Restoration Consortium and founded the Australian Coastal Restoration Network. Ian has five years’ experience as a Communications Manager and was a Founding Director of the media company Cinematic Science. Ian was awarded an ABC Top 5 Science Prize in 2020 as one of the outstanding early career science leaders in Australia.