The Program

RRAP Research and Development

RRAP is a long-term research and development (R&D) program to develop, test and risk-assess novel interventions to help keep the Reef resilient and sustain critical functions and values.

The goal is to provide reef managers and decision-makers with an innovative suite of safe, acceptable and cost-effective interventions to help protect the Reef from the impacts of climate change, in conjunction with best-practice reef management and reducing carbon emissions.

While RRAP is initially focused on developing technology and solutions to help the Great Barrier Reef, these solutions could also be applied to other reefs in Australia and around the world.

Program Design

The Program’s R&D is designed to be deployed at unprecendented scales and be responsive to a range of possible climate outcomes.

We aim to reduce critical uncertainty and quickly narrow a set of optimal interventions that support natural restoration and adaptation of damaged and degraded reefs. 

Research is integrated, with a three-point approach:

  • cooling and shading the Reef to help protect it from the impacts of climate change
  • assisting Reef species to adapt to the changing environment
  • supporting natural restoration of damaged and degraded reefs.