Intervention Risk Review Group

The Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program’s purpose is to develop a suite of interventions that can help the Great Barrier Reef resist, adapt, and recover from the impacts of climate change. 

These coral reef interventions vary in their associated risks, and a full understanding and evaluation of intervention risks is a key component of RRAP, including from environmental/ecological, social, cultural, economic and regulatory angles.

The Intervention Risk Review Group (IRRG) is an independent, inter-disciplinary expert group established to consider this risk and provide guidance and advice on risk assessment and management.

The Group is led by Independent Chair Sue Barrell AO FTSE, and members are subject matter experts operating nationally and internationally, outside of the Program.


The Group will use a structured and deliberative process to:

  • Ensure that potential intervention risks have been identified.
  • Review relevant outputs and knowledge being generated by RRAP researchers to address real and perceived risks, identify knowledge gaps and strategies to address such gaps (including research and modelling). 
  • Provide independent advice on some key intervention risk matters relevant to the currently funded RRAP research and development program.
  • Assess and advise on residual risk and options for risk management – this will be aligned to consider priority deployment options at scale.

Photo: Marie Roman, AIMS

Group Members

Rachel Pears

Rachel Pears

RRAP Risk Management Coodinator