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Shading by cloud brightening

Cooling by cloud brightening

Cooling by cloud brightening Back to all interventions Functional objective: Cooling and shading, to relieve acute heat and light stress on coral reef organisms by

Team members who are part of the regulation subprogram


Regulation Many of the proposed interventions being researched and developed by RRAP will include activities that have not previously been considered within the Great Barrier

Application of field treatments to enhance coral survival

Enhanced Corals and Treatments

Enhanced Corals and Treatments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLaEj3k1aCo Coral adaptation to the impacts of climate change – including increasing average water temperatures and more frequent and extreme heatwaves

Seeding enhanced corals bred from existing stock with larval/polyp aquaculture

Coral Aquaculture and Deployment

Coral Aquaculture and Deployment Dr Carly Randall conducting spawning research in the National Sea Simulator, AIMS, during coral spawning. Photo: Marie Roman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OTrA8BqQSE The RRAP

R1: Engagement and Regulatory Dimensions

R1: Engagement and Regulatory Dimensions

A summary of the engagement and regulatory environment findings of the RRAP Concept Feasibility Program, and recommendations for the required R&D for these areas.

R2: Intervention Summary

A key reference document summarising the potential on-Reef interventions and how they were identified.