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T2: Regulatory Assessment Findings

The complexity and gaps to be addressed in the regulatory environment for restoration and adaptation R&D and activities in the Great Barrier Reef.

T3: Intervention Technical Summary

The potential interventions investigated by the Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program; knowledge gaps in understanding benefits, risks and feasibility.

T4: Current Practices

Summary of the current global knowledge of coral restoration methods and practises, highlighting the common issues encountered as the field has evolved.

T6: Modelling Methods and Findings

Preliminary results of ecological modelling and analyses of the likely trajectories of coral condition over time under climate change, with and without intervention.

T7: Decision Support Findings

Discussions on how the broader decision-support system needs will be met were continuing at the time of the release of the RRAP reports and involve multiple stakeholders and research providers. Given this, the recommendations in this report are now obsolete.

T9: Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost-benefit analysis of proposed Reef interventions, in different climate scenarios, in different combinations, to understand trade-offs and optimise decisions.

T10: Benefit Streams

Combining economic data with forecast coral condition to estimate current and future benefits of proposed interventions, under different climate change scenarios.

T12: Cool Water Injection

Modelling to investigate cold-water injection as a potential intervention, to cool reef waters and help prevent thermal stress, which can lead to coral bleaching.