Great Barrier Reef Local-Scale Coral Restoration Toolkit

RRAP’s aim is to create an innovative suite of safe, acceptable interventions to help the Great Barrier Reef resist, adapt to, and recover from the impacts of climate change. The Program supports the eventual deployment, if required, of at-scale integrated restoration and adaptation interventions. We recognise that local engagement in restoration work has the potential to enhance and be an innovative scaling approach for intervention deployment.

But what is available now? The resources listed here provide users with quick access to a range of key Great Barrier Reef coral restoration guidance material and links to find out more about coral restoration efforts around the world.

Please note that this page is intended to create a centralised toolkit of relevant resources, including those created and maintained by other organisations. Acknowledgement and responsibility for these resources remains with the relevant organisations. Keep checking back for additional resources over time.

Great Barrier Reef Coral Restoration

Background Reading

Best Practice Coral Restoration for the Great Barrier Reef
Tourism and Restoration – Motivations, opportunities and challenges
What is Coral Gardening?

Watch and Learn

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Why do Tourism Operators engage in coral restoration?
Coral Gardening in Australia


GBRMPA Permitting Processes
GBRMPA Intervention Policy

Global Coral Restoration

Background Reading

Coral Restoration: A Review
Coral Restoration and Adaptation: Mapping Current and Future Priorities
Photo of a snorkeler
Motivations, Success, and Cost of Coral Reef Restoration
Biocontrol of macroalgae
Coral reef rehabilitation through removing macroalgae


Coral Reef Restoration Guidelines
A Manager’s Guide to Coral Reef Restoration Planning and Design
Coral reef restoration monitoring guide
Guide to Ecological Engineering: The restoration of coral reefs and associated ecosystems
ICRI Restoration Hub


Global Coral Restoration Database
Coral Restoration Image Library