Research Team

Tiny Remmers Barry

PhD Student, JCU

Tiny is originally from Montreal, Canada and has a MSC in Applied Coastal and Marine Management from University College Cork, and has worked on offshore and landbased windfarm site search models and wind resource mapping, both for research projects and industry. She is an accomplished commercial diver with six years of experience in various SCUBA and SSBA work, including environmental monitoring, underwater construction, survey, and maintenance.

The aim of Tiny’s project is to develop capacity in characterising coral reefs’ community composition and structure across environmental gradients, to provide spatial prioritisation information for coral reef restoration. Her project will develop a semi-automatic pipeline to extract benthic constituents from photogrammetric models, to characterise coral reef community composition and structure and build a multi-criteria decision analysis (MCAD) aimed at optimising the site selection of coral restoration interventions.