Research Team

Marine Gouezo

Post-doctoral researcher Dr. Marine Gouezo is an early-career coral reef ecologist whose research interests lie primarily in coral reef recovery along environmental gradients. She gained most of her research experience in Palau, Micronesia, where she worked as a researcher for the Palau International Coral Reef Center for six years while completing her Ph.D. Her research mainly focuses on the influence of reefs’ environments and biophysical attributes on the ecological processes occurring during recovery, such as larval dispersal, coral recruitment and growth. Her overarching research goal is to pinpoint what slows down the recovery of reefs, which often differs from reef to reef, to offer context-specific management options to fix it. This often requires a multi-disciplinary approach needed to improve the management of coral reef ecosystems in an era of increased disturbance activity. Now fully involved with the Reef Restoration and Adaptation Subprogram ‘Moving Corals’, Marine will contribute to the development of larval enhancement restoration practices over large spatial scales as a way to optimize the early recovery of coral reefs on the Great Barrier Reef.