Research Team

Dr David Callaghan


Dave Callaghan has extensive experience in terrestrial, coastal and ocean hydrodynamic modelling, from creating models through to applying them to estimate wave climates, coastal morphology, entrance and lagoon dynamics, coastal and terrestrial flooding. In recent years he has applied a wide range of models to wave generation, propagation and dissipation in salt marsh, seagrass and reef ecosystems from RANS (OpenFOAM), Quasi-3D (Boussinesq, XBeach, Swash, SPH), Action (SWAN, DHI) through to his own solvers. He recently developed a modelling framework for the Great Barrier Reef to estimate cyclonic wave climates and historical tropical cyclone waves, using different models at different scales. This has led to cyclonic wave climate estimates across the entire Reef at 20-100m resolution.