Research Team

David Lennon

Project Manager, AIMS

David started his career as a commercial diver then completed degrees in Oceanographic Technology and Environmental Management. He has been designing and managing marine projects for 20+ years in Australia, Middle East, US and Indonesia.

He has been a project manager for research institutes, leading consultancies including his own, industry, government and NGOs. A key focus of his work has been the design and construction of artificial reefs for fisheries enhancement, impact mitigation and reef restoration.

He helped develop techniques for transplanting corals onto reef units in 2003, designed reef units specifically suited to receive corals, and has designed and managed numerous coral relocations – moving priority corals out of dredge zones.

He was recently listed as one of the pioneers of reef restoration in the book, ‘Active Coral Restoration – Techniques for a Changing Planet’. He is extremely excited to join the EcoRRAP team as it fills knowledge gaps in coral restoration that he has personally experienced in his coral relocation projects.