Structure by 3D frames

Structure by 3D frames

Photo: Coral Spiders in Indonesia. Photographer: Jordan Hollarsmith, UC

Functional objective:

Reef structures and stabilisation to facilitate reef recovery

Delivery method:

MarsTM spiders and other smaller 3D structures

Deployment scale:

Small (a few hectares, a single reef)

Novel, human-made structures for coral settlement (new shapes, sizes and surfaces) can enhance reef structural complexity and provide surfaces to promote coral resettlement and growth. They can range from micro-scale engineering to artificial reefs.

At local scales, artificial reefs have been constructed from a variety of materials to provide a suitable structure for coral settlement and reef function.

An example is the MarsTM spiders – small manufactured structures which are positioned onto the seabed in areas of damaged reef to aid recovery.

The spiders are modular and can be individually tied together by divers, or pre-attached into a chain or strip, prior to deployment. They are constructed onshore and could be deployed from small and large barges and vessels.

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