Research Leadership

Jonathan Daly

Dr Jonathan Daly

Cryopreservation leader

Dr Jonathan Daly  is an aquatic cryobiology specialist and Scientific Associate with Taronga and the University of New South Wales (UNSW). He is in the final phase of a Paul. M. Angell Post-doctoral Fellowship with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute based at the University of Hawaii’s Institute of Marine Biology. He has more than 16 years’ experience in cryopreservation in aquatic species and has worked solely on cryopreservation of coral gametes, larvae, symbionts, and fragments since 2016 in Australia, Hawaii, French Polynesia, and the Caribbean.  Dr Daly has led coral biobanking activities in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park since 2016 and is a world leader in the development of advanced cryopreservation technologies for coral reef species. He is co-chair of the newly established global CRC Working Group on Coral Cryopreservation and Repository Building.