Anna Marsden

Managing Director, Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Anna is dedicated to building a better future for our Reef, and coral reefs around the world.  

She happily wears many hats in her role at the Foundation; a connector and convenor, bringing together science, business, government, philanthropy, community and First Nations Peoples, our voice as a trusted and respected partner, and an advocate for and leader of impactful reef protection projects.  

 After two decades leading not for profit organisations, Anna also recognises the transformational role of philanthropy to accelerate research and development and catalyse new industry. Since joining the Foundation, she has driven record fundraising, and subsequently helped to develop a portfolio of Reef programs that take practical action to protect and restore the Reef for future generations.

Anna understands that people care most about what they know. That’s why she’s also passionate about sharing stories of the difference we are making with audiences around the world and being a voice of hope for coral reefs.  

Other directorships and interests:

Member, GBRF International Scientific Advisory Committee