Steering Committee

Andrew Hoey

Professor, Marine and Aquaculture Sciences, James Cook University

Professor Andrew Hoey is a coral reef ecologist whose research focuses on broad-scale ecological processes and the functional importance of different taxa to the resilience of coral reef ecosystems, He has worked at over 30 locations spanning the world’s tropical oceans and this experience has provided him with considerable insight into the differences among these systems in terms of diversity, reef community structure, human use patterns and, perhaps more importantly, the underlying processes.

He received his PhD in marine biology from James Cook University, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at King Abdullah University of Science of Technology, before returning to James Cook University to take up an ARC DECRA fellowship in 2013.  Andrew has published >200 scientific and technical publications relating to coral reefs, and was awarded the Ecological Society of America George Mercer Award for Outstanding Ecological Paper and the Australian Coral Reef Society Mid-Career Researcher Award.