Intervention Risk Review Group

Carly Kenkel

Dr. Carly D. Kenkel is a Gablian Assistant Professor of Biological Science in Marine and Environmental Biology at the University of Southern California. Her lab studies the eco-evolutionary dynamics structuring populations of tropical reef-building coral to understand patterns of adaptive diversity, predict responses to global climate change, and inform management interventions aimed at conserving genetic diversity and restoring ecosystem function.

She is a 2019 Sloan Research Fellow and received the International Coral Reef Society’s Early-Career Scientist Award in 2020. Dr. Kenkel is also a recognized expert and active participant in several inter-institutional working and advisory groups, most recently serving on the steering committee for the NSF Research Coordination Network on Evolution in Changing Seas, the Genetics Working Group of the Coral Restoration Consortium, and the US Acropora Recovery Implementation Team.