Leadership Team

Rafe Pfitzner Milika

Indigenous Partnerships Coordinator

As an Aboriginal person, I identify with the Aboriginal People of the West Coast of South Australia. Strongly tied to my Aboriginal identity I have and I feel strong spiritual, physical and cultural connections to the land and the natural environment. I consider custodianship of and looking after it for current and future generations a ‘sacred duty’. I am interested in and passionate about both ‘western’ science and Indigenous traditional and ecological knowledge and I hold deep and genuine concern for the social, cultural, spiritual and economic well-being of Aboriginal people. I have worked across Australia with Aboriginal People, Elders, Traditional Owners and communities leading culturally respectful and ethical engagement, research and partnership projects across government, private sector, peak First Nation bodies, and research institutions; striving for outcomes and reconciliation for Aboriginal people. I hold an Environmental Management degree from Flinders University and in 2013 was awarded the University of Adelaide Indigenous Research Scholarship for a research project titled Indigenous Leadership on Climate Change – Incorporating a Case Study of Kokatha People. My primary responsibility as both a member of the Indigenous Partnerships Team at AIMS and the RRAP Management Team is implementing the RRAP Indigenous Engagement Framework – including assisting RRAP partners to develop and build relationships and partnerships with Traditional Owners and playing a lead role in determining how values and aspirations are incorporated into decision making models and frameworks.