About us

The RRAP R&D Program is delivered by a consortium of partners, each bringing unique and complementary capabilities.

Coral monitoring on Erub Island

Coral monitoring on Erub Island, Photo: Tristan Simpson, courtesy of AIMS.

Who we are

We are an unincorporated joint venture, governed by a board with an independent chair. It will be supported by an independent peer review panel and a Traditional Owners advisory subcommittee.

A steering committee, run by an executive director, is responsible for directing the implementation of the R&D program, while the program management team is responsible for the day-to-day management and delivery of the R&D effort.

RRAP partners are organisations with interests, roles and responsibilities in The Great Barrier Reef. All partners significantly contribute to the program providing expertise, facilities and funding.

While not a partner, The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, which provides for the long-term protection and conservation of the Reef, is an observer and advisor to the collaboration.

Leadership team

The board is the ultimate decision-making body for the RRAP R&D Program, noting that for activities funded via the Reef Trust Partnership, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation Board makes decisions about the appropriation of these funds, informed by the advice of the RRAP board.

The board oversights the steering committee and a program management team.

RRAP job vacancies and opportunities for PhD students.

Research in the AIMS National Sea Simulator. Photo: Christian Miller.

Advisory Group

The RRAP Advisory Group brings together key stakeholders, rights-holders, and members of community groups in the Great Barrier Reef community to work together in partnership with members of RRAP